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Free Jazz Bitmaps Vol. 2

by Nick Butcher

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Free Jazz Bitmaps is a process-based publication series exploring the nuances of collaboration, genre, and iteration.

Volume 1 featured six tracks by Nick Butcher built from micro-samples of house and jazz records found in Chicago. These recordings were paired with solo reinterpretations by six Chicago improvisers—Jason Adasiewicz, Tim Daisy, Keefe Jackson, Mike Reed, Jason Roebke, and Jason Stein. The result was a track by track experimental deconstruction of Butcher's original music and a comparative evaluation of what remains.

Vol. 2 continues this trajectory. The solo improvisations performed for Vol. 1 by Jackson (tenor saxophone), Roebke (double bass), Daisy (marimba), and Stein (bass clarinet) are used as source material for the production of new electronic music by Mike Bingaman, Nick Butcher, David Castillo, and Andy C. Jenkins.



released November 19, 2014

Mike Bingaman (1981)
Born in 1981, sysop since 1992. Music doesn't need a reason.

Nick Butcher (1980) a graphic artist with a compulsive attraction to music. Working primarily with electronic music, Butcher takes an intuitive approach to both performance and recording, highly influenced by Chicago's free jazz and improvised music community. The Free Jazz Bitmaps series was initiated by Butcher and his partner Nadine Nakanishi and is published by their collaborative venture, Sonnenzimmer.

David Castillo (1982)
From the nebulae, the elements were synthesized. New creations were formed as they crossed paths.  As complexity increased in the sweet spots, new entities came into being. David Castillo is a multidisciplinary artist and designer who lives and works in Chicago, Illinois.

Andy C. Jenkins (1983) a sound and word processor. He has spent a little time living in New York, a little time living in Japan and a lot of time living in Virginia. Andy has not spent any time living in Rome, however, which seems like a shame. Is it nice? It seems nice. Additional percussion by Pinson Chanselle tracked in Spacebomb East, Richmond. 


Mastered by Brian Labycz
Art and Design by Sonnenzimmer
Printed by Sonnenzimmer



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